Choosing an Agent

Several times when I’ve spoken to someone about their experiences selling a home I’ve been suprised at the process for selecting an agent. For instance they may have choosen a friend of a friend, or a relatives cousin.

Of course we all value a personal recomendation, but doesn’t it make sense to do a little research when you’re talking about paying someone thousands of dollars for professional services?

My recomendation is to start by eliminating anyone who isn’t a full time agent. Next, interview several agents and ask them about their marketing progam, especially Internet exposure since most buyer’s an agents start their search there.

If possible take a look at previous listings and make sure that they use a professional photographer. What about their negotiating skills? Do they have any special training in negotiating? What about support staff?

The bottom line is you should spend some time choosing a professional that will do the best job for you. It could make a bid difference in the result.

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