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What is the monthly cost of owning a home?

Whether you’re a home owner, investor or renting, understanding cost of owning a home can provide valuable insight into your financial decision making. Homeowners and tenants can compare the cost of ownership with renting or explore the cost of up or down sizing, and investors need to compare costs with income to calculate their Return […]

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What is a Buyer’s Agent?

We all know the feeling. As you approach the new car showroom you can see the salespeople lurking at the front door and you’d do anything to avoid their ‘help’. You just want to look at the cars in peace. And when you’re ready to buy it gets worse. How do you know what’s a […]

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10 Questions to Ask Your Realtor(R)

I’m sometimes surprised at how little time some folks spend selecting their real estate agent. Remember, regardless  if you are buying or selling, you are hiring and paying someone to represent and advise you in a complicated financial transaction with a lot of money at stake. Before you sign up with someone here are some questions that you may […]

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Internet Home Search

Where to Start? Starting a search for a new home? Today most of us start on the Internet, but type “Austin Homes for Sale” in the search box of your favorite browser and you’ll be presented with lots of options. Where to begin? Here’s one thing to keep in mind. With the exception of some For Sale […]

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